Our History
We are a Mom and Pop operation with over 60 years of automotive knowledge. We are currently on Ebay Motors and not very happy with them.
Our Goals
We have been in business for ourselves for over 26 years. Our goal is to get completely away from companies like Ebay, Amazon and Craigs list.
 Rochester p/n 17089092 with flat connector and 17093049 with round connector. If your replacing your 350 TB with a 454 TB you need to make sure your buying the right electrical connector. We have both, so you need to notify us which one you need. You are only buying one (1) for 119.99. No history.
Right now we have approximately 300 items listed on Ebay Motors. We have access to over 10 million new parts. You can reach Bob at 512-966-0837, this is his cell and he is hard of hearing, so you may need to call him twice to get an answer. Our home phone is 254-793-3142. If we do not have what you are looking for, we will do our best to find it for you.
Three (3) Rochester 2G carbs rebuilt by AC Delco. Approximately 275 CFM. They will have the choke butterflies and shaft only. No vacuum pull offs as they will not fit end to end on the manifold. These are small base pattern (1 & 7/8 X 3 & 1/4"). We sell all parts for 2G carbs. Be real sure you measure the bolt pattern of your manifold!!!!! Bases are different colors but can be removed by taking out 4 screws and 1 clip & then you can paint them the color of you choice. Will be in their AC Delco boxes. These have not been modified - if you want them to be ready for 3X2 set up like the old ones with dumpers (no idle circuits) for the end carbs, see our store for these carbs. We have numerous sets of these. All sets have the same choke and linkage, they will be identical to these except for the color. Fenton, Edelbrock and Offenhauser 3X2 intakes do not have a provision for these or any other pull off choke. You can run an electric or automatic choke if you are going to drive it when it is cold and would need a choke.